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Scholarship and fellowship program on North Korean and Unification Studies

The fellowship program on North Korean and Unification Studies is organised by Kyungnam University (Institute for Far Eastern Studies and University of North Korean Studies) as part of its Academic Exchange Program with the support of the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea.

The program is designed to support researchers and students who wish to advance their expertise by providing opportunities to work closely with experts, think tanks and policy makers in the Republic of Korea. It is specifically designed to promote mutual understanding between the international community and the people of the Korean peninsula on Inter-Korean and North Korean issues.

Qualified applicants are foreign scholars, students, researchers, journalists and government officials interested in Korean Peninsula Issues. Selected applicants will be able to participate in extensive and numerous research programs on North Korea and Korean Peninsula issues provided by Institute for Far Eastern Studies, University of North Korean Studies and the Ministry of Unification.

While the fellowship program will provide subsidy and assistant to researchers from 6 months to 1 year long research project, the support can be extended to up to two years. For students who wish to take doctorate or master’s degree program, scholarship can be provided for up to three years based on the program.

Details of subsidies, application period, required documents and additional information can be provided by the Far Eastern Studies Institute of Kyungnam University

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